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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of training courses does SDP run?

Answer: SDP run three months short courses on Basic and mid level training programs in construction, manufacturing and services in different trades in different regions.

How can I participate in the training course?

Answer: You have to submit application form to Training and Employment Service Provider (T&ESP) in your region. They will conduct interview to select training participants.

Are their any criteria to participate in the training?

Answer: Yes, trainee must have Nepalese citizenship certificate and literate.

Do you provide any priority during trainee selection?

Answer: Yes, the outcome of the project is to establish market responsive and social and gender inclusive TVET system. So SDP provides priority to Women, excluded groups, and rural poor.

Who are in excluded groups?

Answer: Women, dalit, adivashi janjati, madhesi, muslims, people living with disabilities and people of geographically remote areas are in excluded groups.

Do I get certificate at the end of the course?

Answer: Yes, the trainee will get certificate after successfully completion of training courses along with OJT and Skill Test.

What will happen if I failed in skill test?

Answer: You will not get training completion certificate so that you cannot apply for job. You can re-appear skill test exam conducted by Nepal Skill Test Board.

Is there a job attachment involved?

Answer: Yes, Training and Employment Service Providers (T&ESPs) are responsible to conduct training, OJT, skill test and other requirements of the training. They are also responsible to hunt job to the graduate trainee.

Is there a fee for attending Skills Training Programs?

Answer: No, SDP project will bear all the cost to participate in the training, OJT and skill test (one time). Trainees don’t have to pay any fee for the training.

What is the duration of the Skill Training programs?

Answer: The duration of skill training programs are 390 hours i.e. 3 months including OJT, if required.

Can I participate in more than one skill trainings?

  Answer: No, you cannot.