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Project Brief

Project Name : Skill Development Project (SDP)
Project Number: 38176-015
Grant Number: 0345
Funded by: Asian Development Bank (ADB)  and Government of Nepal (GoN)
Executing Agency: Ministry of Education (MOE)
Key Implementing Agency: Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT)
Implementation Agency : TSDU under MOE and PIU under CTEVT
ADB Grant: USD 20 Million
Nepal Government: USD 5 Million
Project Period: 5 years ( September  2013 – July 2018)

Project Objective:

To Establish a market-responsive and social and gender inclusive TVET system in Nepal

Project Outputs:

(i)   Expanded provision of inclusive  market-oriented training, 
(ii)  Improved  quality  and  relevance  of TEVT provision, 
(iii) Policy, institutional and operational reforms,  and
(iv) Effective project management and monitoring and evaluation
Investment Plan:
(Including taxes and duties)

1. Output 1 Expanded provision of inclusive market oriented training - 15.7 million
2. Output 2 Improved  quality  and  relevance  of TEVT provision - 3.5 million
3. Output 3 Policy, institutional and operational reforms - 0.5 million
4. Output 4 Effective project management and M&E - 1.9 million
5. Contingencies - 3.4 million