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Project Management Arrangements

Project Implementation Organizations

1. Project Steering Committee (PSC)

Management Roles and Responsibilities

  • Provide necessary assistance and guidance to ensure that the Project is implemented efficiently within the overall policies and guidelines of the Government and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).
  • Monitor the overall project implementation.
  • Facilitate inter-ministerial and cross agency dialogue.
  • Ensure close coordination between all Project activities and activities sponsored by other development partners.
  • Ensure that ADB is informed in a timely manner of project progress and any issues arising.
  • Hold meeting two times as per year as required, likely following the review missions.

2. Executing Agency:  Ministry of Education (MOE)
Management Roles and Responsibilities
  • Establish nbsp;TVET Sector Development Unit (TSDU)
  • Coordinate with ADB and other line agencies for smooth project implementation.
  • Implement (i) sector roadmap and result framework; (ii) MOE TSDU; and (iii) TVET Fund development activities under Output 3.
  • Monitor and ensure the compliance of covenants, including gender action plan.
  • Procure goods as per the procurement plans.
  • Ensure that TSDU submits annual implementation plan for (i), (ii), and (iii) under output 3 to PIU for incorporation in the overall project implementation plan.
  • Ensure that TSDU submits information on progress in its activities to PIU to incorporate in the required reports to the government and ADB.
  • Facilitate PIU submission of annual implementation and budget plans for timely release of budget from MOF
  • Coordinate to undertake fiduciary review and third party monitoring of the project if required.
  • Coordinate project review missions. 

3. Implementing Agency: CTEVT
Management Roles and Responsibilities
  • Establish nbsp;Project Implementation Unit (PIU), which will be accountable to Member Secretary of CTEVT. 
  • Implement all activities under Output 1, Output 2, Output 4, and restructuring of CTEVT under Output 3. 
  • Establish and maintain a, imprest account for ADB grant and separate sub-account by funding source as necessary
  • Support TSDU in carrying out its annual workplan by providing necessary funds and support (procurement, reporting etc.)
  • Establish procurement review committee to oversee recruitment of consultants and procurement of goods and works.
  • Consolidate accounts and submit withdrawal applications to ADB for direct payments, replenishment and reimbursement.
  • Take primary responsibility in complying with covenants in the grant agreement.
  • Procure goods, works and services as per the procurement plan.
  • Procure two project vehicles and transfer one vehicle to TSDU. 
  • Prepare annual implementation and budget plan incorporating TSDU activities and submit to MOF via MOE for timely budget release.
  • Submit audited project financial statements pertaining to the project within 6 months of the end of the fiscal year.
  • Establish monitoring units at the regional level and maintain the server and database recording all M&E data for short-term training under Output 1 and other key institution development and restructuring, and HRD activities, under Output 2 and 3.
  • Maintain the project website and ensure compliance with ADB’s disclosure policy.
  • Negotiate and sign contract of project implementation and technical support consultant (ADB will assist the selection process up to final ranking and draft contract preparation in consultation with PIU).
  • Monitor and supervise the project implementation support consultant.
  • Recruit and sign contracts to undertake basic-level skills training through private training providers under Output 1. 
  • Prepare selection criteria to select public training providers under CTEVT for short-term basic-level training under Output 1. 
  • Procure contractors and suppliers.
  • Monitor performance of suppliers, consultants, and contractors.
  • Make payments for activities performed under the scope of the project.
  • Implement social marketing at the national level.
  • Prepare and implement a gender action plan.
  • Establish complaint handling mechanism and implement social marketing at the local level.
  • Undertake independent tracer study as and when required.
  • Process and submit to ADB any request, when required, for reallocation of grant proceeds in consultation with MOE.
  • Prepare consolidated quarterly progress reports for timely submission to ADB, MOE, MOF and NPC.
  • Prepare project completion report and timely submit to ADB.

4. Asian Development Bank  

Management Roles and Responsibilities
  • Work closely with TSDU and PIU to ensure timely implementation of the project.
  • Examine bidding documents, request for proposal, and bid evaluation reports.
  • Process necessary withdrawal applications submitted by PIU.
  • Review procurement plans and annual work plan and provide necessary feedbacks to PIU and TSDU.
  • Undertake inception, review and completion missions.